Providing Quality Miniature Swine, Animal Models, & Support & Services to the Biomedical Industry

Sinclair BioResources

Sinclair BioResources is a state-of-the-art miniature swine production facility that pledges to support the biomedical research community by providing quality miniature swine, animal model development, & bioproducts.

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Improving Animal Welfare & Handling Ease by Creating Safe & Positive Human-Animal Interactions

Behavioral Enhancement System™

Sinclair BioResources’ behavior enhancement program uses positive reinforcement to train miniature swine to interact well with humans, thus reducing fear and anxiety of both miniature swine and humans.

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Producing Sinclair, Hanford, Yucatan, & Micro-Yucatan Miniature Swine

Animal Production

Our mission at Sinclair BioResources is to provide superior research animals and services to the human health and biomedical industries.

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Supporting in-vitro Studies by Offering Bio-Samples from Multiple Species


Sinclair BioResources can provide biosamples, including whole blood, plasma, serum, and tissues from multiple domestic species.

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Committed to Supporting Biomedical Research Through the Development of Relevant Animal Models

Animal Models

Sinclair BioResources has contributed to the development of large animal models since its beginning, and is the only private company primarily involved in large animal model development.

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