Sinclair Research Center (Sinclair) is a biomedical research facility originally located on 543 acres in Columbia, Missouri. Sinclair was formed in 1965 by the University of Missouri (UMC) and originally named the Sinclair Comparative Medical Research Farm (SCMRF). Its primary function was to provide laboratory animal research support for the University’s Environmental Health Surveillance Center (EHSC) and the Environmental Trace Substance Research Center (ETSRC). These three entities collaborated to monitor for epidemiological evidences of environmental related illnesses (EHSC), samples were analyzed to detect trace amounts of substances which could be related to illnesses (ETSRC), and laboratory animal models were used to test the hypotheses (SCMRF). This concept was remarkably farsighted and it remains valid today.

Through the years, Sinclair’s role expanded and became a resource for a wide variety of animal and human health related research and became deeply involved in the development and use of animal models. Its original financial support was primarily from the University of Missouri and research grant funds that it attracted. The private sector quickly realized the unique resource of Sinclair and became the main source of funding support during the early 1990’s. Concurrently with the declining funding from the University, dedicated professionals privatized Sinclair on March 1, 1994 as a successful contract research and animal production facility.

The private corporation, Sinclair Research Center, Inc., continues its mission to serve the animal and human pharmaceutical, human medical device, and consumer product industries in its capacity of conducting high quality research and producing purpose bred animals. Since privatization, constant upgrading of personnel, facilities and equipment have resulted in an efficient, competitive research center which maintains AAALAC accreditation, first obtained the year after privatization. Sinclair has also contributed to the development of several animal models and acquired a domestic short hair-cat colony and several new herds of miniature swine including the Charles River miniature swine colonies.

To accommodate the growth of Sinclair, and to improve the quality of the production and research facilities, Sinclair purchased 200-acres near Columbia and built a state-of-the-art research and animal production complex that has more than twice the capacity of the original UMC site. The facility was completed in the fall of 2004 and is now fully operational.

Sinclair also operates the Maine Yucatan production facility acquired from Charles River Laboratories, and has instituted improvements and expansions in that facility as well.

Sinclair is committed to efficiency, confidentiality and rapid, accurate service. Our desire is to work closely with our clients to achieve long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

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