Swine in Biomedical Research Training Course

Feb 10-12, 2020

Medical University of SC


The course will provide didactic and hands on training in the use of swine as biomedical research models. The lectures will include: handling, husbandry, animal welfare, anesthesia, analgesia, perioperative care, animal models and surgical techniques. Students will perform basic procedures in swine including: venipuncture, injections, intubation, surgical cut-downs, thoracic and abdominal surgical approaches.

Individualized instruction will be provided for specific research protocols, upon request by attendees. The course is available to researchers, research technicians, veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Attendees should be competent with basic surgical skills.


There is a fee of $1,500 which includes the course, hand-out material, a CD Rom, a textbook and two lunches. Enrollment is limited. Pre-registration is required. Attendance is not confirmed without receipt of payment. There is an optional Master Class with an extra half day of surgery available to a maximum of 8 people for an extra fee of $500. For further information and registration forms contact: M Michael Swindle; swinetech@hotmail.com

Future Courses are held annually at the Medical University of SC in February. Courses may also be conducted at your institution upon request. Contact swinetech@hotmail.com for price quotes.

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