SRC VectorWelcome to Sinclair BioResources, largest AALAC-accredited state-of-the-art miniature swine production facility in the U.S. and sister company to the contract research organization Sinclair Research Center.

Providing Quality Miniature Swine, Animal Models, & Support & Services to the Biomedical Industry.

Mission Statement

Sinclair BioResources pledges to support the biomedical community by excelling in the following, with respect to miniature swine:


Sinclair BioResources produces four breeds of miniature swine —Sinclair, Yucatan, Micro-Yucatan, and Hanford—at locations in Windham, Maine and Auxvasse, Missouri. The Maine site produces Yucatan and Micro-Yucatan miniature swine, and the Missouri site produces Sinclair, Yucatan, and Hanford miniature swine. Our miniature swine are delivered to clients either in our AAALAC-accredited climate-controlled trucks or via approved airfreight or contract companies. All animals are well-conditioned prior to shipping through our solidly-established socialization program.

Sinclair BioResources also specializes in the production of animal models and is the only private company primarily involved in large animal model development. We have contributed to development of and are experienced in a number of animal models offered to our clients.

Sinclair BioResources additionally offers complete support for animal sales. We are highly experienced in pre-shipping alterations performed in the spirit of GLP. Common pre-sYuchipping alterations include but are not limited to: castration or ovariectomy, vascular access port placement, high cholesterol diet feeding, diabetes induction, test article administration, and biopsies collected for auto-transplantation. Furthermore, Sinclair BioResources collects a vast array of bio-samples in miniature swine daily and other from species as requested depending on availability.

Sinclair BioResources complies with a number of agencies. We are USDA-licensed as a breeder (43-A-5793) facility. We are AALAC-accredited and GLP-compliant. The animal care and veterinary program is in compliance with the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. We also have an Assurance Statement filed with Public Health Service (PHS).

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