Miniature Swine Production Tailored to the Research Community


Sinclair BioResources offers four breeds of miniature swine:

Our mission at Sinclair BioResources is to provide quality miniature swine, animal models, & support & services to the biomedical industry. We are dedicated to continuously improving our research & production programs.

With all these options available, scientists now have the benefit of selecting a miniature swine lineage with the best fit for each specific research endeavor. Our facility in Maine produces Micro-Yucatan™ and Yucatan™ miniature swine. Our Missouri facility produces Sinclair™, Hanford™, and Yucatan™ miniature swine. Miniature swine are delivered to clients either in our AAALAC-accredited climate controlled trucks or by approved airfreight companies. All animals are well-conditioned through a solidly-established behavior and socialization program prior to shipping.  Pigs are started on targeted training to promote ease of handling and procedures.  All of our miniature swine are purpose-bred, socialized, and vaccinated.


Our Yucatan line consists of four genetic lineages (haplotypes) determined based upon swine leukocyte antigen (SLA/MHC) testing for xenotransplantation. Additional information on SLA testing is available by request on our MHC Bulletin. Genotyping of our Hanford and Sinclair miniature swine breeding herds was performed in 2012, and DNA samples of each miniature swine produced are retained for future genetic evaluations.

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