List of SBR Miniswine Report Series

M. Michael Swindle, Professor Emeritus and former Chairman, Dept. of Comparative Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina

Catheterization Series

Nonsurgical Vascular Catheterization Techniques in Swine

Catheterization of the Pancreatic Duct

Portal Vein Catheterization in Swine

Common Bile Duct Cannulation in Swine

Chronic Intravascular Catheterization in Swine: Peripheral Vessels

Chronic Intravascular Catheterization in Swine: General Principles

Sample Collection Series

Blood Collection in Swine

Bone Marrow Access in Swine

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Collection and Epidural Administration in Swine

Homeostasis Models

Trauma Models in Swine

Hemorrhagic Shock Models in Swine


Pharmacokinetics of Intravenous & Oral Metformin & R,S-Verapamil in Sinclair, Hanford, Yucatan & Göttingen Minipigs

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