Preshipping Alterations

Sinclair BioResources is well-equipped to conduct many pre-shipping procedures ranging from simple to complex and can condition, alter, or select miniature swine from our four breeds to fit requested specifications. Common pre-shipping alterations include:

  • Vascular access port placement
  • High cholesterol diet feeding to induce atherosclerotic, dyslipidemic, or hypercholesterolemic pigs
  • Diabetes induction and stabilization
  • Castration or ovariectomy
  • Test article administration to decrease clients’ study timeline
  • Biopsy collection for autotransplantation

We are highly experienced in miniature swine pre-shipping surgical alterations and all our procedures are performed in the spirit of GLP.

Sinclair BioResources also provides special services such as diagnostic imaging by DEXA, US, CT, MRI, digital radiography for bone density, growth plate closure, whole body composition, heart and vessel size, and skin or hypodermal fat thicknesses; we additionally offer experimental surgery, ECG, and echocardiography.

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