Preshipping Conditioning

We consider pre-shipping conditioning of our miniature swine to be an integral part of our production program. The pre-shipping conditioning begins with the selection of the miniature swine and includes health and socialization considerations.

Health Status

Sinclair BioResources’ miniature swine are bred and reared at our biosecure restricted-access facilities, and both our breeding stock and resale animals have a high health status. Our colonies are closed; no new animal entry has been allowed for many years. A staff veterinarian visits the facility at least weekly to check animals and perform pre-shipment examinations. Our miniature swine are free of many disease agents of concern; breeding herds are routinely checked for and are free of brucellosis, pseudorabies, PRRS, influenza, leptospirosis, VSV, PCV2, TGE, and PEDv. Our three most recent Herd Health Profiles are available for viewing.

Additionally, standard vaccinations are practiced for all animals, and animals are screened for both endoparasites and ectoparasites. All animals receive a physical examination during pre-purchase selection and are shipped with health papers signed by an accredited veterinarian. Our miniature swine are guaranteed to be robust and extremely healthy.

Miniature swine shipped outside the United States are required to be tested for specific pathogens and may have to be quarantined prior to shipping according to the laws of the country of importation.

Animal Selection

Our miniature swine are well-adapted to the laboratory environment and are very useful when there is limited space is available.

Animals are selected in compliance with client requirements. Selected animals are given a physical examination and identification is verified for each animal. A list that summarizes each animal’s identification, age, color, body weight, and pen location is generated and included with the shipment. The pen location is important in planning for commingling of animals in group housing conditions at the client’s facility.

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